Just start... March 1st 3:01pm The day my father was suppose to turn 50

If you are reading this you know I am filled with great ideas but I never act on them. Today, even though, it is just the beginning I feel accomplished. I feel overjoyed and blessed. I feel like my angel Howard Washington has been assisting Jesus in bringing my dreams into fruition. If you know me you know Glamorize has been on my heart since 2011. I never had the courage to start. I made plans. Wrote my ideas in my notebooks. Sat with people to do my logo did all the research that I possibly could but just never started.

I buried my father September 19th 2015 and the next day I decided that I was going to start my store I even told my sister.and she said GO FOR IT!!!! I didn't start it then. I had the money and because I was no longer working I used it to pay bills. Then I got a gig in my career field, and said I would use that check to start and never did instead I used that money to pay bills. Until one day on February 15 2016, someone I knew for a while text me and was telling me all the things that he had going on and I didn't want to say I had nothing going on. Not even a job So i told him I was starting my online store March 1st. He said thats around the corner and I said I know. After that conversation, I still was procrastinating.

Until one day, I woke up and said I cannot do this anymore. Life is literally passing me by minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day. I asked myself :what are you afraid of?" I decided to say a prayer and asked God to give me the courage to bring my dreams into a reality. I submitted and allowed God to work in my life. Right then and there... I murdered my cowardice, procrastinating, doubtful ways and birthed my heroism, courageous, and faithful ways . God guided my footsteps and I just want to say to God be the Glory, GREAT things he has done. I finally started now Im ready to conquer. I have a lot more in store thanks for your support. XOXO


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